Client Stories

I love the transformational nature of coaching! It’s my passion to help people get unstuck as they discover their unique strengths, gifts and abilities - and how to live more wholly from that place. I feel privileged to be a part of their lives – each one is precious, each story unique. I share client testimonials here, so you may have a better sense of how the coaching partnership works, and what we can accomplish together.

An amazing coach

Carrie is an amazing coach who is helping me through grief, rebuilding my life and finding happiness again. Her sessions are uplifting, productive, and non-judgmental. She brings a friendly smile to our meetings and is always very supportive and insightful. She provides post-session highlights which is a helpful resource to refer back to along the coaching journey. Carrie described her coaching approach like a car, with me in the driver’s seat, as she sits next to me in the passenger side to guide the process. It has been great having her along for the ride. I would highly recommend her coaching services!

Ann, New Jersey

The help Carrie offers has been invaluable

The coaching and virtual professional organizing help Carrie offers has been invaluable as I face dissolving my parents estate. She has generously provided the resources, support and encouragement needed to guide me through a most difficult time. This has made it much easier than I expected; it cleared my head. The ability to go with Carrie through my thought process, and figuring out what I’m thinking about makes a huge difference. I’ve been able to put it all in a healthier perspective. I couldn’t have done this downsizing without the groundwork coaching provided.

Mary, New Jersey

Never felt like I was being judged

I came to Carrie wanting to learn how to grieve several losses in a healthy way. I had the desire to move forward from the frustrating feeling of being “stuck.” I was struggling with indecisive behavior, doubting my choices and ignoring my true self. I had gone through a lot of trauma that made me feel like I was walking underwater. I thought coaching might help me regroup, and not feel so disconnected. I had several practical as well as spiritual goals that I wanted to achieve and Carrie helped me to prioritize and make smart attainable little steps to get where I needed to be. I learned that grieving and healing does not follow a linear timeline, and I was able to make peace with that. I’ve been learning to be more proactive in putting on my “oxygen mask” to make sure that I’m ready to serve others, especially my child, without neglecting my own needs. Through this experience I was able to wade through the overwhelming aspects of my life and focus on God’s peace with a clearer head and more confidence in decision making. Coaching was a great tool to help quell my anxiety, boost productivity, which gave me a sense of satisfaction when I saw the measurable goals that were attained. Carrie is a warm, generous person who listens, helps narrow your focus and gives insights that one might overlook for themselves. I felt comfortable in my coaching sessions and never felt like I was being judged. Carrie wants you to succeed. Her integrity, transparency and high character is evident in all that she does

Jules, New Jersey

A life coach who actually cares about my grief

It feels great that I have a life coach who actually cares about my grief. I am learning how to become more open with those who will listen to what I have to say about what I feel. I’ve started to give myself permission to understand that all of my feelings are normal. Carrie has been helping me process painful emotions and also express them when I need to. I’m also learning more about life itself and not so much the grief. I’m starting to take the bad things and find good things to turn them around. This has helped me begin to move forward, and cope better mentally. I’m growing in being able to have a different mentality on how I see myself, as well as how I feel about the way I look and act.

Lana, Florida

Our lives are changing for the better

Both my daughter and I have both been coaching with Carrie after the loss of my husband. I needed to learn to deal with his death and be there for our daughter. I also wanted to learn to not be driven by emotions and let go of control issues. I know that God has a purpose for me and that my husband’s death is a part of that, but I couldn’t  think through the fog and disbelief of my reality.  Our coaching calls have been supportive, helping us understand our grief, ourselves, as well as the differences in one another. One big area we have been working on improving is communication. I am learning how to listen more, and respond with grace.  Our lives are changing for the better.

Norma, Louisiana

An amazing listener

I needed coaching to help process the emotional attachment I have to my Mom’s belongings so I could sort through them. I’ve discovered that coaching is an infusion of so many different angles! Carrie captured things that I didn’t even realize I said during our calls. This was key. When I saw them notated in my Session Resources, I was a little surprised to read what I had said. These highlights have been so helpful. Carrie is an amazing listener, because she not only listens so intently but also hears so much. These are two different things, and Carrie has a gift for both.

Wendy, New Jersey

She welcomed me into a safe, non-judgmental space

I reached out to Carrie for coaching because I knew it was time to get my life back on track. I had a bad experience in the past with a practitioner and was hesitant to start working with someone again. However, Carrie was the perfect person to set my mind at ease as she welcomed me into a safe, non-judgmental space. I was grieving a myriad of losses and coaching has helped me take the necessary steps towards healing. The accountability and goal-setting is exactly what I needed to get “unstuck.” With each session Carrie has kept me focused, even when I’ve started to waver on achievable goals. As a result, I’ve had so much more clarity of mind and peace throughout this process. I’m thankful, as Carrie says that “there is no timeline for grief.” This journey has been challenging for me, but doing the hard work is making me a better person and parent.

Faith, New York

Hope and healing happening in my life

I came to Carrie desperate for help and guidance to bring me out of my grief and sadness from the loss of my son 11 years ago. He was killed in War on Thanksgiving Day, and it hit me hard. I couldn’t go on pretending everything was good in my life when my heart was breaking. Being a Hospice nurse and dealing with death every day was normal for me, but when it hit home it was a different story. In a very short time, Carrie’s support, reflective questions and wisdom brought me to a place of facing my pain and starting to deal with my loss. I can now say there is hope and healing happening in my life. There are many different layers to the healing process; Carrie is also guiding me with my home organization and my weight struggle. I see hope and change on the horizon, and it is not so far away. Carrie will be by my side with encouragement, Godly wisdom, and experience. I will succeed in this journey of healing my heart.

Vicki, Louisiana

An awesome experience!

I found Carrie’s coaching style to be very professional and yet also really encouraging – we partnered really well as a team. In each of our sessions, she came alongside me as a wonderful motivator, which helped me to get many of my goals accomplished. It was an awesome experience!

Sheri, New Jersey

Excellent listening skills

I had an opportunity to experience Carrie’s coaching through my daughter, who had sessions with her and reported having an ‘epiphany’ after each one. This was brought about through the thought-provoking questions Carrie asked and her excellent listening skills. I would highly recommend her.

Cathy, New Jersey

A kind and beautiful spirit

Working with Carrie was such a blessing – she has such a kind and beautiful spirit and it shines through each and every coaching session. She is someone that you can trust explicitly and know that there is no judgment in what you would share. She is a wonderful listener, incredibly supportive and asked just the right questions to really help me think about things on a different level than I typically would on my own.

Casey, South Dakota

Faith-inspired support and encouragement

Carrie is an excellent coach. Her warmth and compassion helped me feel very comfortable sharing my hopes and aspirations. Her thought-provoking questions gently challenged me to move forward with my personal goals with confidence. I am grateful for Carrie’s faith-inspired support and encouragement throughout our coaching engagement. I would recommend Carrie to anyone looking for a coach or accountability partner – she is truly a light of Christ.

Stacy, Connecticut

Learned the importance of waiting

I’m really thankful for Carrie’s coaching me through the topic of transitions. Things have gone more smoothly than I could have imagined, and I don’t think I would be in this place without her guidance and support. One of the most helpful things our coaching did was help me grow in confidence. I was able to see how God has provided for me and will continue to do so wherever I am in the world. I also learned the importance of waiting; in the past, my impatience has made transitions especially hard for me since they are times of great uncertainty. I’ve learned what support I need to ask for when I feel insecure, which is essential. I’ve also gotten better at talking to God like a friend!

Lindsay, Georgia

Encouraging and accepting

Through the coaching process, Carrie helped me make such a difference in my home! She’s so encouraging and accepting, and facilitated and opened up my awareness of the next steps I need to take. With Carrie’s support and accountability, I was able to tackle some key areas in my life. I’m also developing a few simple organizing habits that are allowing me to better enjoy my home, which is making it easier to find things. Thanks so much for an enjoyable client-coach experience.

Erica, Ontario

Carrie’s patient coaching

With Carrie’s patient coaching, I gained the courage and insight to make major advances in my professional field. After years of shying away from cameras, I managed to create a video-taped conference proposal, which was ultimately accepted. Working with Carrie has opened the door to many professional accomplishments that had previously seemed completely out of my reach. I highly recommend her as a coach!

Dorothee, New York

The work we created will last

I can’t imagine a better Life & Grief Coach! The work we did together went far beyond the disorganization I felt. Through the coaching process, Carrie helped me think about my “how, and why”. I know the work we created will last – things haven’t begun to fall apart the way that they have in the past, and I learned new skills for solving questions when they arise in the future.

Rachel, Massachusetts

An amazing lady

Carrie, thank you so much for being my “grief-friend”. I went looking for a professional organizer and serendipitously found a life coach – an amazing lady who lends guidance through so much more. You are someone who understands me, and the difficult issues I’m dealing with.

Heather, New Jersey

Has truly been a blessing

After losing my husband of 30 years to brain cancer, I not only felt very stuck in my grief, but also in every area of my life. Working together with Carrie has truly been a blessing. Through our coaching sessions, she has helped me move forward out of the heavy darkness I felt, and into a lighter place with a new sense of peace and purpose.

Tammy, Oklahoma

A masterful project planner/organizer

Carrie worked with us over a 5 month span, helping us clean out 40+ years of memories, collectibles, furniture, & clothing, from my in-laws’ former home. My husband and I were completely overwhelmed and not at all sure of where to begin. She assisted us in creating a plan that balanced holding keepsakes and memories with letting go of those things that we didn’t have room for. Carrie is a true professional and a masterful project planner/organizer. She has an amazing network of professionals from which she can call upon when needed. No matter what our issue, Carrie helped us locate a solution. Her follow up was impeccable and her attention to detail is excellent.

Jodi, Connecticut

Practical guidance & encouragement

We are continuing to constantly have ‘Carrie sessions’ while we work through our life transitions. Sometimes it’s a closet or an entire garage to rearrange. The coach approach support we received from Carrie focused around purpose. What purpose will the area serve? How can we use it best? What purpose is there in keeping certain things? She gave us practical guidance & encouragement to be able to tackle daunting messes, especially after big changes like moving and having another child.

Melissa, New Jersey

She works from her heart

We reached out for Carrie’s help after we felt buried in papers, clothing and household items. The job was way too overwhelming for us to tackle ourselves, but as soon as we started working with her we felt at ease. A weight was lifted as we went room by room clearing through our things. Carrie made the process, which could have been extremely hectic, a very calm and rewarding one. She worked with our three children and taught them organizing principles that were age appropriate and very successful in maintaining. She made organizing and straightening up fun and exciting for them! The best thing about working with Carrie is she works from her heart on a personal level. She cares about your needs and is extremely professional with how she deals with her clients, especially when they have to part with personal items.

Tammy, New Jersey

Able to release the old, and welcome the new

Carrie and I have been working together on various organizing tasks and projects. I called her because I simply felt paralyzed in making decisions myself. It felt daunting. With my ADD, I tend to get overwhelmed and avoid doing mundane things. I also let things pile up because I don’t have a system that works for me. It was a challenge to throw things out, because I never knew what treasure lies on the other side. In our virtual organizing sessions, Carrie has shared strategies, tips, and helped me identify and build on my natural strengths. I  realized that I’ve been hanging onto nostalgia stuff, some of which were tied to the loss of dreams. I learned that it’s important to acknowledge and grieve, so I can get past stuck, and can move forward. I’ve been able to release the old, and welcome the new. It’s all part of God‘s plan, as I am creating room for something else.

Dorothy, Pennsylvania

Carrie is a star

Carrie Cooper is an expert in her field and her work is invaluable. Trusting her skills, expertise and guidance will produce amazing results. She guides you through the process of “what’s not working” and steers you in the direction of “what is?” She can look at any corner, closet or area and help you envision it functioning at its max. Now that I am better organized, cleaning and daily life are easier because everything has a place. Carrie is a star and I recommend her to anyone who wants help when they are bombarded with stuff – you will feel clean, happy and appreciate simple living!  

Gina, Florida

Honest, friendly, and warm

I moved to a smaller apartment which resulted in downsizing and needed a lot of help due to being older with health conditions and living alone. Carrie is a wonderful person who works so hard without any judgment of living conditions. She’s calming and made me feel like everything would be OK. She’s honest, friendly, and warm. Carrie provided helpful tips for a person like me who loves to shop. It was eye opening and her professional services were well worth it. Space is something I cannot buy and decluttering made me feel peaceful. There is hope and help to live less cluttered and enjoy your space. Carrie isn’t just someone you hire and work with – she truly cares and serves from her heart. You won’t be disappointed after she leaves, but I bet you’ll miss seeing her – like I do. Everytime you open a closet or dresser drawer, you’ll think of her and smile. You’ll probably even say ‘I should have done this a long time ago!’ 

Donna, New Jersey

I have certainly found a friend

I called Carrie after the death of my partner of over 40 years. I needed professional support in helping me declutter my home, as I was grieving and  found myself stuck in decision making. Carrie took time at the beginning of every session to listen to what was going on in my life, which helped me process what I was feeling. She provided the organizational guidance to get things done, allowing me to go at the pace I needed. Our sessions have not only helped me downsize my belongings, but have also helped me move through my grief. I have certainly found a friend.

Pam, New Jersey

Exceeded my expectations in every way

When I decided it was time to downsize my home, I worked with Carrie, who exceeded my expectations in every way. We updated the household inventory and then separated it into various lists of the contents of the house, using numerous categories. With such a big project, planning was a major element. Carrie helped me to assess the existing situation, to define goals and break them down into manageable tasks. We drafted a working schedule and reached out to various professionals. Communications were vitally important as the project unfolded; establishing contacts and following up with all service providers. She gathered estimates, scheduled appointments, kept a log of phone calls and created a calendar of dates to follow. Carrie is a wonderful person to work with and a tremendous help. Throughout my project, she was considerate and thoughtful in every way. Truly resourceful, she helped me find solutions to countless questions, big and small. She is completely honest and dependable, and cheerfully brought a positive energy into our work. While emptying the house and preparing for my sale, I felt that I had the best possible person at my side; Carrie acted not only as a professional but also as a friend, while I went through that major transition in my life.

Sheila, New York

Patient and creative

I needed my house organized and I had no idea where to begin. Carrie did though, and when we were done I had systems set up so I can use things better and find what I need. I have been inspired to work on other spaces on my own and keep things going. There is now some control around the chaos. Carrie is patient and creative – she understands that it didn’t get this way in a day, and that you need a little more time to process and think about things. She considers the energy level of her clients. I am now using things that I love that were formerly piled up in boxes. When I need something, I can find it! I know exactly where items should be stored so when someone needs it again, it’s there. These are the day to day stresses on my family that we were able to reduce. The work we have done truly has made a difference in our lives. I would recommend Carrie to anyone who needs to make the most of his or her space.

Teresa, New Jersey

Kept me right on task

I described myself to Carrie as a “serial clutterer.” From house to house, room to room, a trail of clutter was always left in my wake. No matter how hard I tried to address it on my own, I was never able to get past what to do with the “little things” – those leftover items that remained without a home, cluttering up my space and life! I couldn’t throw them out but I had a hard time figuring out where they should be stored. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to take action so contacted Carrie. She discussed how she works and asked what my goals were. She kept me right on task, offered the right questions, led me through the process gently and respectfully, and helped me to make the decisions I could never make in the past. Working together led to totally transformed spaces, which I can now enjoy and share with others.

Andy, New Jersey