Individual Coaching

Are you struggling to find purpose and meaning amidst the clutter of life? You may be stuck in a difficult transition, struggling with disorganization or grieving a painful loss. I can help you clear the chaos from within so you can start living with peace, confidence and deeper purpose. As an ICF trained Life & Grief Coach and Certified Virtual Professional Organizer, I meet you where you are today with compassion, understanding and expectation that you WILL learn, heal and grow. I partner with you to clarify what you really need, help you envision where you want to be, and support you every step of the way so you can move forward with hope.

I can help you:

  • Figure out what’s life looks like now with all that’s happened
  • Clear the clutter in your home, mind & soul
  • Discover who you are & what’s truly most important
  • Identify your emotions & express your feelings
  • Release the pain, guilt, shame & anxiety that keeps you stuck
  • Connect to your core values, strengths & abilities
  • Recognize & start to change self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Understand why you feel so disconnected & disorganized
  • Overcome barriers, increase focus & find balance in life
  • Grow in self-confidence & increase motivation
  • Develop new skills, habits & routines that work for you
  • Create a healthier, more organized & meaningful life

a journey to discover hope, confidence and deeper purpose

This unique 1:1 coaching program combines a comprehensive model of life, grief and organizing coaching to impact every area of life. You’ll be empowered to face the overwhelm, move past what keeps you stuck, and experience new ways to live. The process works because it’s collaborative, customized and adaptable to your specific challenges and needs.

Features That Bring You Added Value:

  • “BEAUTIFULLY ME” BLUEPRINT: a unique worksheet for use in your coaching program
  • ONLINE SESSION FORMS: enable you to receive the most benefit from coaching
  • PRIVATE 60-MINUTE CALLS: provide a sacred, safe space which allow you to be seen and heard
  • COMPASSIONATE FEEDBACK: helps you normalize your challenges & think through decisions
  • TIPS & STRATEGIES: tackle the toughest of cluttered homes, minds & souls
  • MOTIVATIONAL SUPPORT: keeps you focused on tasks so you can reach your goals
  • STICKY NOTE TAKEAWAYS: anchor what you discovered in your session
  • RESOURCE TOOLBOX: assessments, exercises, videos & articles to facilitate growth
  • BONUS RESOURCE EMAILS: highlights of each session which add to continued learning
  • GROWTH WORK: personal reflection questions cultivate deeper awareness & insight
  • ONGOING ACCOUNTABILITY: unlimited text & email supports you in between sessions

YOUR TIME: 6 Months
YOUR RESULT: Hope. Confidence. Growth.

Each Program Includes The Following:

An initial Strategy Session

60 minute private calls

A 'Beautifully Me' Blueprint

Online Forms to anchor learning

Between meeting Assignments

Email & text message Support

What's Important to Know:

Coaching is not counseling, mentoring or consulting. Coaches are not trained to work therapeutically with mental health disorders. A counselor helps you work through pain from the past, and diagnoses problems. A coach takes you where you are at now, helping you move you forward into the future. Coaching focuses on solutions, GROWTH and new ways of living.

Coaching requires commitment. You need to show up, be fully present, and do the work in between sessions in order to experience change. As a coach, my job is to help you explore what’s not working, break through obstacles, keep you on track, and create strategies to help you live more healthy. You are RESPONSIBLE for the changes you make in your life.

Coaching is a process of change, not an event. This requires time and attention from both the coach and the client, as new ways of thinking and acting simply do not happen overnight. Coaching is based on a trust relationship, which I take very seriously. I want to celebrate each SUCCESS with you.

Coaching styles vary. I specialize in grief, disorganization and challenging life transitions. As a Christian, I view each client as created with God-given gifts, skills, and abilities. I will never impose my values or beliefs on you, but If you’d like to bring faith into our sessions, that’s fine too! I fully believe that our coaching partnership will change your life in POSITIVE ways.

Coaching helps declutter all areas of life. A disorganized mind leads to a disorganized life. I help you recognize what’s under your own cluttered piles of stuff - habits and behaviors that need to change. Click here to view the gallery of spaces I’ve worked in over the years as a professional organizer, and imagine what new POSSIBILITIES await both your home and life!

Are you ready to make a change?

YOU'RE ON A ROUGH ROAD and may feel stuck, weary and overwhelmed.

YOUR PAST DOESN’T HAVE TO DEFINE YOU and it doesn’t have to take years to heal.

YOUR STORY MATTERS and I want to empower you to live more whole and healthy.

Steps To Get Started!


Ready for Coaching Assessment

Please read over the FAQ page and take this brief quiz, which will help determine your readiness and see if we are a good fit to work together. You can then schedule a call to set up your Consult.


Complimentary Consult

During this 60 minute call, I will be honored to listen to your story, hear what you want to change in your life, and why you are interested in coaching. I’ll share how I can help you with your specific needs.


Coaching Sessions

After choosing your coaching package, we begin our partnership by creating your personalized roadmap. Your life will be transformed with each session as you move forward with renewed hope, confidence and deeper purpose.