Hope and healing happening in my life

I came to Carrie desperate for help and guidance to bring me out of my grief and sadness from the loss of my son 11 years ago. He was killed in War on Thanksgiving Day, and it hit me hard. I couldn’t go on pretending everything was good in my life when my heart was breaking. Being a Hospice nurse and dealing with death every day was normal for me, but when it hit home it was a different story. In a very short time, Carrie’s support, reflective questions and wisdom brought me to a place of facing my pain and starting to deal with my loss. I can now say there is hope and healing happening in my life. There are many different layers to the healing process; Carrie is also guiding me with my home organization and my weight struggle. I see hope and change on the horizon, and it is not so far away. Carrie will be by my side with encouragement, Godly wisdom, and experience. I will succeed in this journey of healing my heart.