Able to release the old, and welcome the new

Carrie and I have been working together on various organizing tasks and projects. I called her because I simply felt paralyzed in making decisions myself. It felt daunting. With my ADD, I tend to get overwhelmed and avoid doing mundane things. I also let things pile up because I don’t have a system that works for me. It was a challenge to throw things out, because I never knew what treasure lies on the other side. In our virtual organizing sessions, Carrie has shared strategies, tips, and helped me identify and build on my natural strengths. I  realized that I’ve been hanging onto nostalgia stuff, some of which were tied to the loss of dreams. I learned that it’s important to acknowledge and grieve, so I can get past stuck, and can move forward. I’ve been able to release the old, and welcome the new. It’s all part of God‘s plan, as I am creating room for something else.

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