Always upbeat, smiling, positive, professional, caring and spiritual

Carrie Cooper of Organize A Difference is a very special professional organizer. I have worked with Carrie to serve several clients, both as part of my team and as co-organizers on a project. She is, without fail, not only an outstanding organizer, but also always upbeat, smiling, positive, professional, caring and spiritual. When I have organizing projects of my own that I need to tackle, I call Carrie. She recently helped me organize the files pertaining to my divorce, a painful and unpleasant task for me. Having Carrie there made the task infinitely more palatable, as she 1) was there 2) prayed with me 3) helped me sort and decide on categories 4) gave me a safe and non-judgmental space in which to process my feelings surrounding the divorce and 5) facilitated putting the figurative and literal lid on the process. I really needed to get the papers organized, but I would have not done it when I did if Carrie had not been there. She is a true blessing to her clients, colleagues, friends and the world in general.