Gifted in the area of organization

Carrie Cooper is amazing! In addition to truly being gifted in the area of organization, she is such a joy to be around! I had the opportunity to have a work session with Organize A Difference as a birthday present from a dear friend; one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Carrie not only spent time with me ahead of the session to make sure her day with me was optimized, but also she provided nuggets of advice for other areas that I wanted to work on down the road. Carrie helped me come up with systems and processes to make my day-to-day life run more smoothly. While being very cost conscious, she also made sure everything we worked on looked pretty! I would highly recommend Organize A Difference to help anyone looking to organize their home or business; making their daily life less stressful and more enjoyable. While I thought this would be a one time appointment, after working with Carrie, I plan on having her return to help me with another area of my home.