Honest, friendly, and warm

I moved to a smaller apartment which resulted in downsizing and needed a lot of help due to being older with health conditions and living alone. Carrie is a wonderful person who works so hard without any judgment of living conditions. She’s calming and made me feel like everything would be OK. She’s honest, friendly, and warm. Carrie provided helpful tips for a person like me who loves to shop. It was eye opening and her professional services were well worth it. Space is something I cannot buy and decluttering made me feel peaceful. There is hope and help to live less cluttered and enjoy your space. Carrie isn’t just someone you hire and work with – she truly cares and serves from her heart. You won’t be disappointed after she leaves, but I bet you’ll miss seeing her – like I do. Everytime you open a closet or dresser drawer, you’ll think of her and smile. You’ll probably even say ‘I should have done this a long time ago!’ 

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