Inspiring and passionate

Earlier in 2015, we invited Carrie Cooper to speak at our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at Jacksonville Chapel in Lincoln Park. She was so inspiring and passionate about getting our lives and houses more organized in practical ways. Her presentation not only focused on the appearance of our homes, but also the heart of them. Carrie encouraged each of us to get our families involved in the housework and daily routines so we could spend more time on things that mattered. A few “MOPS moms” have since asked for her help to get their homes in order and the results have been priceless!

Carrie is someone I would trust to organize my home, life, and mindset about living with less clutter.  She’s so gentle, peaceful, and honest, and has the gift of applying Biblical truths into her reasoning and direction. If anyone spends even a minute with Carrie, they’ll feel refreshed, encouraged, supported and ready to tackle the world!