Kept me right on task

I described myself to Carrie as a “serial clutterer.” From house to house, room to room, a trail of clutter was always left in my wake. No matter how hard I tried to address it on my own, I was never able to get past what to do with the “little things” – those leftover items that remained without a home, cluttering up my space and life! I couldn’t throw them out but I had a hard time figuring out where they should be stored. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to take action so contacted Carrie. She discussed how she works and asked what my goals were. She kept me right on task, offered the right questions, led me through the process gently and respectfully, and helped me to make the decisions I could never make in the past. Working together led to totally transformed spaces, which I can now enjoy and share with others.

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