Never felt like I was being judged

I came to Carrie wanting to learn how to grieve several losses in a healthy way. I had the desire to move forward from the frustrating feeling of being “stuck.” I was struggling with indecisive behavior, doubting my choices and ignoring my true self. I had gone through a lot of trauma that made me feel like I was walking underwater. I thought coaching might help me regroup, and not feel so disconnected. I had several practical as well as spiritual goals that I wanted to achieve and Carrie helped me to prioritize and make smart attainable little steps to get where I needed to be. I learned that grieving and healing does not follow a linear timeline, and I was able to make peace with that. I’ve been learning to be more proactive in putting on my “oxygen mask” to make sure that I’m ready to serve others, especially my child, without neglecting my own needs. Through this experience I was able to wade through the overwhelming aspects of my life and focus on God’s peace with a clearer head and more confidence in decision making. Coaching was a great tool to help quell my anxiety, boost productivity, which gave me a sense of satisfaction when I saw the measurable goals that were attained. Carrie is a warm, generous person who listens, helps narrow your focus and gives insights that one might overlook for themselves. I felt comfortable in my coaching sessions and never felt like I was being judged. Carrie wants you to succeed. Her integrity, transparency and high character is evident in all that she does

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