Patient and creative

I needed my house organized and I had no idea where to begin. Carrie did though, and when we were done I had systems set up so I can use things better and find what I need. I have been inspired to work on other spaces on my own and keep things going. There is now some control around the chaos. Carrie is patient and creative – she understands that it didn’t get this way in a day, and that you need a little more time to process and think about things. She considers the energy level of her clients. I am now using things that I love that were formerly piled up in boxes. When I need something, I can find it! I know exactly where items should be stored so when someone needs it again, it’s there. These are the day to day stresses on my family that we were able to reduce. The work we have done truly has made a difference in our lives. I would recommend Carrie to anyone who needs to make the most of his or her space.

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