She works from her heart

We reached out for organizing help after we felt buried in papers, clothing and household items – Carrie has truly been a blessing! The job was way too overwhelming for us to tackle ourselves but as soon as we started working with her we felt at ease. A weight was lifted as we went room by room clearing through our things. Carrie made the process, which could have been extremely hectic, a very calm and rewarding one. She even worked with our three children individually and taught them organizing principles that were age appropriate and very successful in maintaining. She made organizing and straightening up fun and exciting for them! In closing, the best thing about working with Carrie is she works from her heart and more on a personal level. She cares about your needs and is extremely professional with how she deals with her customers, especially when parting with your personal items. We will continue to work with Organize A Difference on a regular basis. Our home has become a peaceful and happy environment again and we have Carrie to thank for it!