A Special Delivery

Hello friends! Towards the end of a morning meeting a few weeks ago, I suddenly heard the mail truck driving down the street. This caught my attention because our mailman always comes in the afternoon. Hearing the truck nearing my house, I wondered to myself why he was here so early. While I continued to think about this a bit more, the Holy Spirit began to impress upon me a new time management insight which I wanted to share with you.

With the sound of the mail truck beginning to fade in the distance, I suddenly pictured Jesus driving the truck and delivering personal mail to each household. This imagery made me chuckle, yet was followed by a tender challenge: “Carrie, will you sit and gaze out the window at the mailbox, wondering what it holds? Or, will you take the necessary action to get up, go out, and open it up to see what is waiting inside from Me?

As I quickly hopped up, there came a gentle reminder to not be about my neighbor’s business, nor spend my precious time trying to peek at their mail – and wishing I had received what they had instead. As I meditated on this, I acknowledged how easy it is for me to become envious of what others have been given, or waste precious time doing stuff not meant for me to do. So, I gratefully took this reminder to heart. My sticky note takeaway was to keep focused on what’s been placed in ‘Carrie’s Mailbox’ and spend my energy on the tasks and assignments He’s given me for each new day. This felt so freeing!

It was now Sunday morning. As I sat having my coffee with Jesus, I suddenly heard the mail truck coming up the street once again. What on earth was he doing here today?! I reasoned that it must be a special delivery. With metaphor still in mind, I then recognized that Jesus also delivers daily mail messages to me; some days, I have a few more pieces than others. On this Sabbath day, it was a beautiful invitation to rest with Him.

I thank God that He has so much to show me on my life journey, when I’m simply willing to hear – and then obey – His voice. As I quietly sit and plan out my days, sorting out what needs my focus and attention, I now envision a mailbox. “Lord Jesus, what are You delivering to me today? Help me to be faithful to step out, open up and rightly take care of whatever You have for me. I know it won’t be too much or too little – it will be just enough.”

Coaching Connection

  1. How might using this metaphor help you reframe the way you look at your days, and priorities?
  2. In what ways does God make Himself known to you?

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