Flourishing From Within

Blossomed Daisy

Hello friends – last week I was listening to someone share about the struggles she’s had for years in a significant relationship. She desperately wants things to be better but has been waiting for the OTHER person to change. She mentioned how she longs to have this relationship flourish. I felt led to ask “What would it look like to flourish in your mind? She paused and began to consider the profound nature of this question. She called me a few days later, having experienced a major breakthrough!

As I had my ‘Coffee With Jesus’, I reflected on this powerful question in light of my own challenging relationships. I asked “Lord, what would it look like for me to flourish in my mind despite the complexities I face?” As a lover of words, I looked up the definition of flourish which means to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. It is to develop in a rapid and successful way. Hmm!

This same question led to a deep insight that I don’t have to be dependent on another person in order to flourish within.  I began to see that I will flourish in my thoughts if I seek a ‘particularly favorable environment’. What does this look like? No matter what my outward circumstances, I have a choice to God honor in my thoughts and choose ones of love and compassion. I don’t need to try to fix anyone else, take anything personally and hang onto offenses. Instead, I can bring all my cluttered feelings to Jesus and leave them there with Him. I don’t need to carry the heavy load of another. It’s been incredibly freeing.

As I have been practicing flourishing in my mind, you can too! Here’s a way to declutter those thoughts:

Sort all of ’em: Grab a blank paper and jot down the good, bad and ugly. Honesty is key. Ask yourself: What are my thoughts about this person, relationship or situation?

Purge some of ’em: Toss out the thoughts that are not helpful or useful in this situation or relationship. Ask yourself: What are the lies I’m believing?

Keep some of ’em: Write out thoughts which are in alignment with who you want to be. Ask yourself: What are the truths I will remind myself of?

As you practice the sifting and sorting process you can look at any situation with a fresher perspective, more positive mindset and lots of restored hope. I believe it will not only change you within, but it will change your personal relational dynamics over time too. (This may seem near to impossible, but as you keep at it, things will change. This is not easy, but what in life really is?) May you be blessed as you begin to flourish in your mind.

Coaching Connection:

  1. How might you be waiting on another person in order to feel like you can flourish?
  2. What would it be like for you to flourish in your thought life today?

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Image courtesy of ChristopherPluta from pixabay

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