It Will Be Ok

Hello Friends – wow, what a few weeks it’s been. Everywhere we go, we sense the anxiety, fear, and unrest all around. How are you really doing, in the midst of this unprecedented transition? I wanted to reach out and connect – and to encourage you that you are not alone. Hearing this is more important now than ever. 

As I was out on a walk yesterday, I ‘happened’ to glance up (not a coincidence, but a God-incidence!) and saw something that made me pause, then smile wide. Hung in a window of a home was a large poster a child had made of a rainbow, with 4 simple words: “IT WILL BE OK”. As a continued on my way, I reflected on these profound words written by a little one who is choosing to embrace a positive perspective, in the midst of chaos. I am grateful for this simple message of faith, hope, and love.

While we are all trying to adjust to all the daily changes life is bringing, we have stuff that needs to get done. I don’t know about you, but my clutter (inside and out!) tends to pile up when I’m overwhelmed. I get stuck. I know how hard it is to juggle the distractions and demands of work and home. Sometimes, we also need a reminder that it’s OK to receive some extra help to keep moving forward. 

If you are finding you’re in such a place, you may be interested to know I also offer virtual services. As a Certified Life & Grief Coach and Professional Organizer, I provide One-On-One, Group Coaching & Virtual Organizing sessions. You can read more about each of them at If you’ve ever thought about working with a coach, now may be a great time to check out what it’s like. I am incredibly passionate about coaching, which is so transformative in nature: you’ll get unstuck, clarify priorities, breakthrough fear, and take courageous steps forward. I’ve also recently added Grief Coaching into my services, to empower individuals to navigate through normal and natural responses to loss. I feel honored to have the training and skills to come alongside brokenhearted women who are longing for healing.

I’m starting up a new 4-week Group Coaching session, beginning next Thursday, April 2nd @ 7:30 pm, for those wanting to navigate this life transition better. I’ll introduce a weekly topic and we’ll chat about facing fears, obstacles, and mindset. I’ll offer some tools & proven strategies that work, to help you keep moving forward in the midst of chaos. There are 3 main components of group coaching: connection, support, and accountability. And we all need some of this right about now! Simply head over to my contact page and ask to register.  

Although we can’t change the current conditions, we can be intentional with the time we have, starting today. Try to be kind to yourself, and look for ways to practice healthy soul care every day. Feel welcome to contact me if you (or anyone you know) are in need of the help I can offer. In the meantime, please know I am praying for you, and your family during these challenging times. May we all keep looking up, have a renewed faith in God, and an assurance that He’s always with us… which brings hope.

Coaching Connection

  1. Where have you been finding hope lately?
  2. How do you want to look back on the way you spent your time today?
  3. What support are you in need of right now?

I’d love to hear your responses!

To Your Growth,


Carrie Cooper is a Certified Life & Grief Coach, Professional Organizer and Speaker who is passionate about helping others clear clutter of the home, mind, and soul. She loves working with overwhelmed women who are in challenging life transitions, grief, and loss, helping them move forward with peace and purpose. If you are feeling alone and in need of help, contact Carrie here to schedule a complimentary, get acquainted 30-minute call!!

Carrie Cooper,  CPLC
Certified Professional Life & Grief Coach
Professional Organizer

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