Self Care, Soul Care

Hello friends! I recently read that we should do something today that our future self will thank us for. This got me thinking on the topic of self care, which is one of the areas I explore with clients during our coaching and organizing sessions. We are told to practice good self care by watching what we eat, exercising, getting good sleep, and learning to say no – activities we do in order to stay healthy. These things are really important, especially in stressful times of transitions, grief or loss. 

Here’s where I get curious: we know this, but what keeps us from putting into action the specific activities we need to restore ourselves, inside and out? The women I work with sometimes say they are too busy, or feel it’s selfish to take time for themselves. Others discover much of their ‘self care’ choices (shopping anyone?!) lean more towards self indulgence, which actually drains limited resources of time, money and energy. And for others, the focus centers on physical health or tidying their outer world, while they ignore the chaos within. Self care can actually leave us longing for more, when we attach the wrong motive to what it can do for us. This is where soul care comes in!

Through some of my own life transitions (and a whole lot of brokenness), I have grown to understand these valuable insights, as well as one more: the best self care actually starts with soul care. Truly, life never slows down. So we must work on slowing down our own, with intention… starting today. Infusing time to get really quiet with myself, before God, has become one of my favorite morning routines. When I first wake up, my spirit often feels empty, and I don’t have much to give to anyone else. I can feel a bit grumpy. But then comes coffee & Jesus!

I’m constantly in awe of how God’s Word nourishes me deep within, filling me up to overflowing. It’s from this place I am able to then go out in the world, and pour into the lives of others. As I practice resting, and reflecting on how well I’m caring for myself in other areas, I begin to see what needs to change. But more importantly, I grow in understanding how this connects to what God is doing in and through the bigger picture of my life. I love the simple, yet deep perspective shifts that this kind of self care, soul care brings. Living this out daily is what my future self will thank me for!

Coaching Connection

  1. How do you define the kind of self care, soul care that really restores you?
  2. What gets in the way of you working these things into your days?

I’d love to hear your responses!

To Your Growth,

Carrie Cooper is a Certified Life Coach, Professional Organizer and Speaker who is passionate about helping others clear clutter of the home, mind, and soul. She loves working with overwhelmed women who are in challenging life transitions, grief, and loss, helping them move forward with peace and purpose. If you are feeling alone and in need of help, contact Carrie here to schedule a complimentary, get acquainted 30-minute call. She’d love to connect with you!

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