Slowing Down Gets More Done

Hello friends – does life seem to be rushing by with each passing day, month and year? Most of us would agree that we are so busy and yet there never seems to be enough time (or energy) to get all the things done. With the constant advancement in technology, we’re driven to distraction. Staying busy can actually be a form of procrastination in avoidance of more challenging tasks. There’s so much external and internal pressure to be involved with more than we were created for. The result is cluttered schedules, minds and homes. If we’re honest, even though we’re moving fast throughout our days, too much time is spent on meaningless things. The good news is God is not in a hurry and doesn’t expect us to be either! Many studies testify to this truth: stepping back actually helps us embrace life more fully. Slowing down allows us to move away from heightened emotions, assess situations more objectively, consider different solutions and make better decisions. Sounds counterintuitive, but this really does improve clarity in the way we think because space is created between the logical and emotional parts of our brain.

With this said, how exactly DO we get to a place of feeling more calm, confident and clear minded? It starts with giving our brain a break. Years ago, I came up with a time management strategy to help with this called The 3 P’s: Pause, Pray, Process. The 3 P’s enables you to manage your time and energy, improve communication skills and make wiser choices. This is how it works: when you are overwhelmed and unsure of what to do, the very first thing to do is hold back from asking others their opinions until you can declutter your own tangled emotions and feelings. Instead, grab a blank piece of paper and retreat to a quiet place (the car can work just fine, trust me!) Start with taking a few minutes to PAUSE and getting completely still. Breathe slowly and deeply. Secondly, PRAY and ask God for His wisdom in the matter as you invite the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts. Lastly, PROCESS through anything that comes up, spending as much time as needed to explore feelings and thoughts. Things always become much clearer when writing them out, so I recommend jotting down every thought, question or concern you have.

Using The 3 P’s strategy can help you evaluate how you are spending your precious time. It can pinpoint where sources of stress are coming from and what activities need to be delayed or eliminated. It can help you decide what conversations should happen now or later. It does not mean that you avoid or stop doing the difficult but enables you to do so from a fresh perspective. However, the best part of this simple strategy is getting clear on what matters the most. You can be spiritually renewed through learning to slow down and gaining a better life balance. This reminds me of that wonderful verse in Psalm 46:10 which tells us to “Be still, and know that I am God.” Our overfilled schedules have kept us missing this vital element of quiet reflection. As you give The 3 P’s a try, you will become MORE productive, have MORE time and MORE energy to tackle all you need to do. Most importantly, you will discover that as you set your mind on things above, you will find yourself drawn closer to the heart of God, where fullness of life – and time – is found.

Coaching Connection:

  1. What time management strategies work well for you?
  2. How might The 3 P’s help you be more productive?

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