What’s Your 20/20 Vision?

Hello friends – welcome to my new monthly Blog! As an ICF trained Certified Life Coach and Professional Organizer, I love working with overwhelmed people, who need support in moving forward as they dig into the clutter of the home, mind, and soul. I especially love coaching women, helping them turn challenging life transitions, grief, & loss into personal growth

Transitions are the most difficult events to face – and they often stop us in our tracks, shaking us at our core. In spite of the stress and anxiety they bring, they can also be accompanied by newfound peace and purpose. Under the chaos lies the profound blessing of opportunity for growing.

One thing that’s helped me keep moving through my own grief journey has been my word of the year. What’s this? Well, two years ago I felt God inviting me to forget the New Year resolution list (which is often abandoned by mid-January anyway!) and instead consider ONE word for that year. Hmm. One simple word to align my goals, and keep me accountable to my overall vision of living as a woman of faith, whatever each new day would bring. Awesome idea! 

The word for me was “dwell”, which became incredibly meaningful, as a few months later I was thrown into the painful reality of my brothers’ suicide. I needed a ton of space, and would often sit quietly each morning (coffee in hand, of course), and simply rest in God’s presence. Honestly, nothing felt good at first, not for a long while. Yet as I continued to show up, Jesus slowly sorted through my clutter, the tangled mess of many emotions. He brought hope and healing to my confused mind and wounded soul. Throughout the year, I would often ask myself what I needed that day, in order to continue to “dwell, well”. Having a single word for the year became very powerful for me. And it can be for you also.

Coaching Connection:

  1. What is the one word for the 20/20 vision you want for this New Year?
  2. How will you plan to use it, to deepen the intention you have for it?
  3. Who are two people you will share your word with, who can ask you about it throughout the year?

I’d love to hear your responses!

To Your Growth,

If you are in a place where you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck and would like someone to listen in with non-judgment, provide accountability and help you figure out how to navigate life, let’s chat! Whether you’re facing an illness, broken relationship, parenting struggle, change of careers, relocation, or loss of loved one, you may need the support and accountability from a coach who has journeyed through it also. Contact me here to schedule a complimentary call.

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